The Workshop

Here’s what my bench currently looks like:

[Soon, I promise!]

And my other bench:

[Also soon..]

I also work on projects at MITERS:

[*sigh* there’s a trend here, isn’t there?]

I also like to collect electrical tools and test equipment! Click to see a picture:

1. Oscilloscopes

 Model  Type  Channels  Comments
Agilent 54624A DPO, CRT  4x 100MHz (200MSPS) My go-to scope!
Tektronix CSA803 Digital Sampling, Touchscreen CRT  2x 20GHz,            2x 20GHz with TDR Read more.
Kenwood CS-4025 Analog, CRT  2x 20MHz My first scope.
Tektronix 7104 Analog, CRT  7000-series plugins Vertical deflection amplifier needs repair
Tektronix 7854 Digital Storage, CRT  7000-series plugins Totally borked

2. Probes

 Quantity Brand  Model  Type  Comments
1 Tektronix P6137 400MHz, 10X, Passive Accidentally bought 1 when I thought I was buying 10. Still worth it. Ah, eBay!
4 Tektronix P6107 100MHz, 10X, Passive Found new in packaging in an EECS lab cleanout.
10 Tektronix P6106 350MHz, 10X, Passive Part of a giant eBay lot of Tek probes. Some are missing accessories.
6 Tektronix P6131 300MHz, 10X, Passive Part of the giant eBay lot. Some are missing tips.
2 Tektronix P6230 1.5GHz, 10X, Low-Z Active FET Part of the giant eBay lot. Not sure why these are that much more useful than a 450 ohm resistor stuck to the end of a BNC. I don’t have the power supplies.

Plus tons of other older unsorted probes that may get tested and documented someday. Interested in some old scope probes? Send me an email!

3. Other


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