Batch of General Purpose H-Bridge PCBs Now on Sale!

I’m working on a new CM600 DRSSTC project, so in order to stir up some funding, I’ve finally decided to sell off some PCBs I made for my smaller TO247 IGBT coil last year. They are now available on eBay here.

Here’s an example of a DRSSTC I built with this board (but you can use this PCB for basically any purpose):


And here’s a very simple high voltage SMPS with the H-bridge board driving a homemade ferrite transformer. The driver is a TL494 and some gate drive chips deadbugged onto some blank copper clad board in an afternoon:

The boards are a derivative of the general purpose H-bridge design that I posted about in 2013, which I’ve had many requests to sell over the years. There are a few notable improvements that I’ll document here along with the rest of the design.

Key Features:

  • H-Bridge with four spots for TO247 IGBTs or MOSFETs
  • Gate protection network on each gate
  • 0805 and 2010 dual package landing pattern for gate resistors
  • 1.5KExxx series TVS across each TO247 device
  • CDE940 series snubber capacitor
  • Mounting space for two 1″-diameter GDTs
  • SMA connectors for GDT drive signals
  • Voltage doubler input with two TO220 diodes with heatsinks, two 10.16mm grid, 35mm diameter bus capacitors, and bleeder resistors
  • 5mm x 20mm fuseholder
  • 10AWG holes for external DC bus input
  • 4oz copper on both sides with low inductance laminated bus structure

Digikey Bill of Materials (Excel file hosted in Dropbox)



Top side scan:PCB_Hbridge_FT14_Top_0001

Bottom side scan:PCB_Hbridge_FT14_Bottom_0001

CAD files are available upon request. Please send in any feedback you have so I can improve future versions of this board.

Currently, there is one known issue with the board; the labels on the mains input connector are wrong. They read “GND (GRN), NTRL (WHT), HOT (BLK)”, but they should read “GND (GRN), NTRL (BLK), HOT (WHT)”. Basically, the ground, neutral, and hot connections are labeled correctly, but their standard wire colors are not. Neutral is black and hot is white, not the other way around.