1. How to Install OSX Drivers on Unsupported Systems

Published: 8.19.2013

Unsupported? I find that hard to believe!

Unsupported? I find that hard to believe!

A handy trick that lets you bypass hardware/software checking when installing an OSX driver package. I had to patch the Nvidia graphics driver for OSX 10.8.4 to get it to install on my MacBook Air as part of my external Thunderbolt GPU project. The objective was to connect an Nvidia GTX660Ti desktop graphics card to a MacBook Air.

2. Splash Course Notes: Introduction to Feedback and Control Systems

Published: 3.6.2015

Course taught in Splash 2014.

Here’s the course description:

Learn the basic math and science that allows thermostats to regulate temperature, satellites to hold precise orbits, and supermaneuverable aircraft to perform turns that would normally be impossible. We’ll start off by covering some basic topics in signals and systems and introducing the Laplace transform as a powerful technique for solving differential equations. Then, we’ll define what a feedback system is and learn to rigorously analyze whether a control system built with feedback is stable. Along the way, we’ll investigate various examples of physical and electronic systems with feedback such as the polarization of water molecules, electric motor speed controllers, and operational amplifiers.


And the notes in pdf format: link

These notes are are based on material covered in MIT course numbers 6.003, 6.302, and 6.376. They should be viewed as a work in progress as there are still some small errors here and there and certain concepts such as poles and zeros and regions of convergence could benefit from deeper coverage.

LaTeX source available upon request.


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    • Right now, I’m thinking about either course 6.2 (a combination of hardware EE and computer science – I really like microcontrollers and embedded systems!) or course 8 (physics) – I found out I got into MIT about a month ago, so I’ll be leaving high school a year early to go learn real things 🙂

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