Demo-Coil! (A New SGTC)

Pushing 48"+ streamers and ground strikes.

Pushing 48″+ streamers and ground strikes.

This coil was built as a general demonstration coil for MITERS after a tour for some high school students involved in FIRST robotics exposed that we had no working projects to show! Although oneTesla is now is a state where it’s completely “plug and play”, I’d rather have that somebody doing the plugging be myself or Bayley, and we’re not always around to give tours. The idea behind this coil is that it’s as simple as a Tesla coil gets (so anyone demoing it can explain it, hardly the case with a DRSSTC!), and that it’s bulletproof: anyone can plug it in without tuning or dabbling with software; it just works. The main components of the system are similar to my previous SGTC (“2-Day Coil“), but a 240V step-up variac, new secondary coil, and rolling base have been added.

Maximum spark length achieved was 4-feet; shoot me an email if you want to see it in action and are in the Boston area!

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